Friends In Art Scholarship Form






     A $1,500.00 scholarship offered annually to students who live in the United States for achievement, talent, and excellence in the arts.


     If you are a high school senior and are planning to, or are currently a college student or a student of a distinguished artist teacher majoring in the field of music, art, drama, or creative writing, and are a blind or legally blind student, you may apply for this scholarship.

Note: Legal blindness is defined as an individual who has a visual acuity of 20/200 or less in the corrected eye and/or

20 degrees or less visual field in the corrected eye. Only those who are legally blind in BOTH eyes are eligible to receive this scholarship.


     Please return this application along with the materials requested by April 15, 2012, to:

Harvey Miller

196 E. French Broad St.

Brevard, NC 28712





City:_____  State:_____ Zip:____

Home telephone:____

E-mail address:

Telephone: (at which you most easily can be reached)

Name of high school or college currently attending: High school______ College_____

Graduation date:_____


If music (what instrument or what type of voice)_____

List significant information you wish regarding your experiences in your field of study in high school and/or college.  (honors, awards, etc. briefly describe)


     Other material required:


     Music and drama:  Along with this application you must send a tape with your performance of two works of contrasting nature.  (In music it could be a fast and a slow piece.  In drama one presentation should be dramatic and the other comic.)


     In art slides of ten of your works should be submitted for appraisal by the committee.


     In creative writing examples of your work are required.


  In addition to these items, the selection committee will contact you for a personal interview. 


     Please include a letter of reference from a current or recent teacher in your field of study.


Address: ___

City: ______ State: _____ Zip: ______

Phone: ______


Enclosed with your application, there should be  a letter from your family physician or professional worker in the blindness field stating your visual acuity.